Choice #7

Short film

This is a story about the perfect image. An image that eludes time, an image to die for. An image that withholds perfect beauty and perfect sacrifice. The image of a lifetime. An image. An ordinary image. A stock library image. A cheap image. A discarded image. A forgotten one. No. 7.

The voice-over, Bob, guides the viewer through the production process of a picture. His primary focus is the casting of the main character, Sadie, a young model. He describes her gestures and he guides this making of as if he was trying to sell it to the spectators. As if he was trying to sell her. On a rhythm, he makes small interludes and travels back and forth through time in Sadie’s life. Moments from her childhood, memories of dreams, habits and old age appear constantly guided by the sound of his soothing voice.

We see Sadie as a little girl, running through the forest. We see her as an old lady, passing through a door to the other side. There is a telephone buried in the ground. There is always music at the other end. We see her fire a shotgun. We see her swallowing jewellery. We see her swimming in the sand. And we finally see her kill and die. For the perfect image, as Bob tries to sell it. The perfect image for your brand.

The film shouldn’t be longer than five to six minutes. Natural light outside the studio and fashion studio lighting. 5 characters : girl 8 years old, young woman 18 years old, old woman 80 yeas old for Sadie, man 50 years old for Bob and an 18 year old man.