When I was a small kid my grandmother used to tell me stories of her childhood. And I would vividly image her village covered in snow, the deep forest she would have to cross in order to get to her school, her cat and her dogs. And I would be there with her grandparents and I would listen to the story of their stories. And I could clearly hear, behind the sound of her words, the voices of her brothers and sisters and those of the other kids playing in the grass, and the birds singing and I would picture myself this other world from when I did not exist as if it were a different world, an ancient and mystical one. A world that appeared by magic with the voice of my grandmother. A world that I hold dear. A world I now belong to without ever being there.

The memory is important because it is the proof of passing time – as it records each second in the light of what we may become.

Colette Le Cour Grandmaison

Edna Epstein

Irène Guedj

Maria Fedoreanu

The goal of this project is to document grandmothers life stories. The methodology is simple. I have written a questionnaire that serves me as a guide. And I ask them to answer my questions in an informal manner in front of the camera. They are the ones who choose the setting and their own clothing. And they are telling their stories exactly as they intend to. I tend to intervene as less as possible. And I intend to gather around fifteen recollections in order to make a single edit combining all of them. As if there was only one story. The story of The Grandmother. Told by many grandmothers at once.

The final result will be a story that didn’t happen built from stories that did happen. Exactly like the memory I have of the memories of my grandmother. A story I belong to without even being there.